How to Check if a Luxury Watch is Stolen

Unfortunately, there are many dishonest people in the world, and that holds especially true for the world of luxury goods. While the vast majority of watch sellers are on the up and up, there are still those out there who traffic stolen and counterfeit merchandise. Buying a stolen watch can be a waste of time, money and can be downright frustrating. So how can you check to see if the luxury watch you have been eyeing is legitimate?

Follow these simple guidelines to make sure you aren’t buying a stolen watch.

Check the Serial Number

The best and easiest way to identify a stolen watch is to check the serial number against reported stolen models. The serial number is the most crucial line of defense when it comes to luxury watches and can be a godsend if you were ever to lose your watch. That being said, it is crucial to keep your serial number in a safe place if you buy a new watch. Just in case you ever misplace it or it gets stolen.

When watches are stolen, the owner can report it as such by using this serial number. That way, if the watch is found, it can be identified and returned. The serial number will be engraved between the lugs, and each company has a unique way of generating these numbers. It is not possible to forge these numbers and will be helpful when you are trying to identify stolen merchandise.

How can I match the serial number?

The best place to check a serial number to see if it has been stolen is to enter it into the Watch Registry. This registry is the largest international database that records both lost and stolen watches. It is quite helpful for spotting fraudulently obtained watches and helps owners become reunited with their lost possessions.
This is even the database that is used by police and government agencies to monitor fraudulent sales. You can even track the previous sales of a watch serial to make sure it is legit.

The Watch Register has compiled a database of over 70,000 watches. All you need to do is enter the serial number, and within seconds you can check to see if the watch is stolen or not.

If you ever come across a stolen watch, you should report it to the police immediately, along with the serial number and the location of sale.


Another excellent resource for identifying stolen watches is “MyStolenWatch. This website combines a list of international watch databases to match owners with missing or stolen watches. This platform is free to use and has helped hundreds locate their mission or stolen watches.


When you are buying a watch, there is nothing worse than purchasing merchandise that was stolen. It might seem like a good deal, but it is always better to make sure the product is legitimate before wasting your time and money. Using these resources will help you make sure the luxury timepiece you are buying is not stolen and give you some peace of mind with such a large purchase.

Simon Garnier
Simon Garnier

Collecting watches started as a hobby for me over twenty years ago. I now own many fine pieces and I'm always in the market for a good deal.

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