All you need to know about Patek Philippe watches

If you are into luxury watches, you know that Patek Philippe is the most prestigious brand in the world. The demand for these prestigious watches is at an all-time high, so collectors are ready to pay large amounts of money to get one of the limited edition pieces. If you want to enhance your collection with this reputable brand, there are a few things you need to know first.


Patek Philippe is a reputable brand known worldwide with a long history of producing high-end watches. Since the brand was established in 1839, it has made high-end watches without stopping.

The company was established in Switzerland, the home of the luxury watch industry. Their curated collection has over 160 luxury watches, many of them finding their place in prestigious watch collections. Patek Philippe provided fine pieces for exclusive clients such as Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Princess Louise of Denmark, and other royals and VIPs through the years.

Patek Philippe gathers expertise and tradition to craft ultra-luxurious watches that will last for years to come. Even though they have an extensive history, this doesn’t have to mean that they rely strictly on traditional methods. Patek Philippe has a strong vision for the future and embraces innovations in its production processes. The revolutionary techniques and materials paired with the expertise will maintain a strong brand throughout the years.


There are 36 models of Patek Philippe watches. Nautilus was the first sports watch, an attempt to enter this market. Since then, this watch has been a timeless classic. The watch comes in various metals and is even covered with diamonds. Designed by Genta and crafted by the hand of skillful watchmakers, this collection is high in demand today.

Even though Nautilus is a popular sport watch, the brand came up with another model considered a more affordable version. Aquanaut features a large face with outstanding numerals, giving a more sporty look. However, it still manages to hold value even though it is more affordable.

Calatrava has a minimalist aesthetic, with simple numerals resulting in a clean watch face. Unlike the other collections, this one has a more formal design. The dress watch features a more compact design intended for formal attire.

The Complications collection by Patek Philippe is known for the non-time-telling features giving an antithetic look. The world time display, dual time zones, and annual calendars are signatures of this collection. Complications 5396R and 5905 are some of the popular models in this collection. The Pilot Travel Time 5524 is another impressive piece, but its price can rise by more than $50,000. If you are after uniqueness, the World Timer 5231 is a truly impressive piece to add to your collection, with its unique hand-drawn world map.

The Patek Philippe Grand Complications feature complex functions, displaying the day, date, month, and even the current moon phase.

Golden Ellipse is a collection known for the oval case with minimalist numerals. The design was launched in 1968 and was pretty different from the classic Patek Philippe aesthetics.

The Twenty-4 Collection features bejeweled luxury watches, most of them catering to women. The glorious sparkle and refined design with a compact shape remain women’s favorite even today.

How much does a Patek Phillipe watch cost?

The price of a Patek Philippe can get pretty high, ranging from $12,500 to $2 million and up. If you are a first-time watch buyer, you want to go for the simplest models. Keep in mind that they can cost anywhere between $19,000 and $30,000. The price is a combination of quality, durability, design, and value. Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime holds the record for the most expensive watch sold, reaching a staggering $31.19 million at an auction.

Why are Patek Philippe watches so expensive? The unique selling point for this brand is the genuine craftsmanship and quality. We already mentioned that the brand has been up since 1839 and hasn’t stopped making luxury watches. With so much time dedicated to a single product, the experts mastered every aspect of watchmaking. The skilled artisans developed additional features such as a calendar, split-second chronographs, and a second time zone. For more than 170 years, this business was passed from generation to generation. With this much time and effort dedicated to producing watches, every single detail is carefully designed.

The refined design is one of the signature characteristics of a Patek Philippe. The face of the watch comes with a luxury appearance that can be recognized straight away.

Top-notch quality is one of Patek Philippe’s notable features. The high-quality standards that surpass the industry standards tell you enough about this topic. Their products and services offer the finest quality in the industry, providing the ultimate experience that doesn’t refer to the product only. The brand pays special attention to providing excellent customer service after buying the product.

On the other hand, a Patek Philippe watch is a collector’s favourite. With being available in limited numbers, the watches’ price rises with the years. Whether you want to expand your luxury watch collection or have a valuable asset, a Patek Philippe watch is ideal. The watch’s value might likely rise in the future, so some choose to keep it and sell it when that happens.

Pre-owned Patek Philippe watches

Pre-owned Patek Philippe watches hold value, so buying a pre-owned watch is considered a good investment. Being known for their scarcity, some of the models can only be purchased pre-owned. This goes for discontinued models and ones that were limited edition. The Calatrava watches are a timeless piece that is known for their elegance. They are a popular choice for collectors willing to buy a pre-owned Patek Philippe watch. With being available in platinum, rose gold, and yellow gold, these watches come with their signature flat case.

Nautilus is another popular pick in the Patek Philippe collection. Their prices have gone up in the past years, hence the popularity. The sports watch features a distinctive design but managed to hold on to its value.

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