Is Omega A Luxury Brand

Omega has been around for several years. And, even though many Japanese companies, like Seiko and Citizen, have been direct competitors to Omega, Omega is the brand that has stood tall many times.

But do we consider Omega as a luxury watch brand? What is regarded as a luxury brand?

That’s what we will be looking at today. But before we answer whether Omega is a luxury brand, let’s first talk about what classifies as a luxury watch brand.

Many watch enthusiasts would argue that a luxury brand is a watchmaker whose watches are expensive. But how can we judge whether something is expensive or not? Some may consider a watch over £200 as an expensive one. In contrast, others might say that any watch above £10,000 is considered expensive- and thus luxury.

We believe that a watch is a luxury watch when it’s made with extra care. We wouldn’t consider a mass-produced Casio watch as a luxury one because millions of identical ones are on the market.

So, is Omega considered a luxury watch brand?

Are Omega Watches Considered Luxury Watches

The short answer is yes. Omega is undoubtedly a luxury watch brand. While their watches might not be as expensive as some Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet watches, we would categorize Omega as an entry-level luxury watch brand. Many factors led us to this choice, so let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Long and Noteworthy History

Sometimes, a watch brand doesn’t need to produce the best quality or the most expensive watches to be considered a luxury brand. The luxurious history of Omega is enough for them to be a luxury watch brand. Omega has been a massive part of history. Not only have they been a part of major historical events, like World War One and the Moon Landing, but Omega watches have been worn by famous celebrities, like Elvis Presley and many Olympic athletes.

Swiss-Based Manufacturer

Every product in the world has a specific place that it can call home. Wine’s home is France, beer’s home is Germany, and watches’ is Switzerland. So, it’s expected that Omega’s headquarters and factories are located in Switzerland. It’s also part of the most well-known watch parent company, The Swatch Group, also based in Switzerland.

But it’s not always about the history of the company. After all, why would someone wear a bad and ugly watch if it’s just from a famous watch brand?

Amazing Workmanship

This isn’t the case with Omega. Because of the low volume of watches they produce; Omega takes extra care of every single watch they make. So, there is no way you are getting an Omega watch without it being the best. More specifically, every watch has the intricate engineering you would expect from the best of the best. At the same time, you are getting some of the most well-known designs in the world, making them the most sought after as well.


So, there is no doubt that Omega is a luxury watch brand. And not only are they a luxury watch brand, but they are also a pretty affordable one too.

Mary Holton
Mary Holton

My first job after leaving school was a sales assistant in a jewelry shop, since then I have always had a fascination with the movement of watches.

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