How to Clean a Casio Watch

Casio have a number of excellent watches in their range, but regardless of which one(s) you own, it’s unlikely that any of them are going to stay in perfect shape forever without proper, regular cleaning.
The good news is that this doesn’t have to be much of a hassle at all. In fact, it could be an easier job than you think!

General cleaning advice for a Casio watch

When it comes to clearing out dirt and debris, all you’ll really need to do is get a soft, damp cloth and give it a wipe-over. Whether it’s a waterproof model or not, there shouldn’t be any issue when doing this as long as you’re gentle.

For any stubborn dirt that water can’t remove, it’s generally best to use a stronger cleaning solution. In most cases, rubbing alcohol is one of the best choices for this. Just make a cloth damp and get to work.

You could also use a toothbrush to scrub away at stubborn areas, but make sure it doesn’t have stiff bristles before you start. For any crevices, you could dip a Q-tip in either water or rubbing alcohol and clean them out. When you’re done, make sure that you wipe away any alcohol that may be lingering and dry your watch off.

In general, as long as you’re careful while cleaning, it shouldn’t prove to be too difficult – and regular cleaning should help to prevent too much of a dirt buildup (making cleaning a far easier task).

Rinsing off water resistant watches

If you have a water-resistant Casio watch, you could step it up and rinse it off instead of simply wiping it over. Before you do anything with liquid of any kind, check that it’s actually resistant – to at least 50m. On the Casio G-Shock brand, there are generally a few key classifications on the watch itself, so this should be easy to determine. If it just says water resistant, it’s likely to only be able to hold up against splashing and minor contact, so rinsing it off may not be a great idea.

It’s worth noting that, after you’re done washing your watch, it’s often best to use a damp cloth to dry it off rather than air drying or blow drying.

Getting rid of scruffs and scratches

Anyone who wears their watch on a regular basis will probably wind up with a few scuffs and scratches from their travels. Fortunately, with many of the models, it doesn’t have to be a tough task to remove these. For example, on a G-Shock, you could use a pencil eraser (preferably a plain white one to avoid discoloring) to rub away at the marks on the surface of your watch.

If there are any small scratches, you could use a jeweler’s cloth to remove them. These are made to get rid of minor scratches, and all you’ll need to do is rub them gently for about 30 seconds and you’re good to go. For a deeper scratch however, you may be better off going to a professional jeweler.

Ricky Anderton
Ricky Anderton

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